About Tattapani:-

Rafting in Tattapani

The perfect combination of adventure and beauty, Tattapani is an amazing spot for a fun-filled and memorable day. Tattapani is about 60 kilometers from Shimla, and is a popular spot for hot springs too. You can avail the 14 km long or the 36 km long rafting route. While the former can be completed in 1.5 hours, the latter takes up to 3-4 hours.



Shimla is easily accessible as it is on of the prime tourist destinations in India. You can reach Shimla via air, road or rail. It is well connected with major cities like Chandigarh, Kullu and New Delhi. Here is how to reach Shimla:

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By Air

Shimla can be easily reached by air. The place has its own airport at a place called Jubbarhatti, which is located at a distance of 23 kilometers from the main city center. Flights from New Delhi, Chandigarh and Kullu operate on a daily basis. Jagsons Airways offer excellent services.

Shimla Summer Festival is the reason to visit Shimla in June

By Train

Shimla is connected by a narrow gauge line with Kalka (96 km) which in turn is connected with the major cities in India. The toy train journey from Kalka to Shimla is enchanting with 107 tunnels and lofty arched bridges. The duration of the journey is around six hrs. The frequency of trains that ply from Kalka to Shimla is pretty good, with atleast 4 trains plying to and fro from Shimla.

By Road

Shimla is connected to major cities in North India by several bus services including Himachal Road Transport Corporation buses as well as private operators. From Delhi, you can take an overnight air conditioned luxury bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate. Buses leave in the morning or later at night. Local bus services is frequent in Shimla City from 7 am to 9 pm and buses are available to all the places in the city.

Timings for Rafting in Tattapani

Oct to June: 

Packages for Tattapani


River Rafting in Tattapani it will Cost You 800/- Rs Per Person Sharing Raft

Start Point: Lori

End Point: Chaba 

The route from Shimla to Tattapani is extremely scenic. Get the thrills of river rafting up to 12 km in the chilled Satluj river's water. All the safety equipment will be provided and expert rafting instructors will assist you throughout the experience. Tatta means boiling and Pani means water. This place is famous for its hot spring ponds and tour to Tattapani can't be complete without taking a dip in one of these sulfur springs. The combination of rafting and hot spring bath is a delight to your mind and body. The rafting experience will give you some chills and thrills, and the hot springs bath will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.  You don’t need to know swimming to join in the fun.

Hot Pool Bath in Tattapani it will Cost You 400/-Rs Per Person

Time :- 30 Min

Hotel Hot Spring is the first andonly healthcare in India applying the therapeutic values
of natural hot Sulphur spring for holistic treatment!We promise you the life time experience of relaxing,rejuvenating & adventurous holidays.

Tattapani is an ideal place for enjoyment and relaxation.It's also a famous pilgrimage centre for Hindus;the devout consider the month of Magha (January-February)auspicious for a holy dip: it is believed that by doing so,one can cleans itself of one's sins. People gather in abundanceevery year on the auspicious days of Tara Ratri, Lohriand Baisakhi day (13 April).

We are associated team of Ayurveda loving people, we promiseyou life time experience of health, Ayurveda and naturopathy.

Moter Boat in Tattapani it will Cost You 400/-Rs Per Person

Duration: 10 to 15  Minutes
Timing of activity: Anytime between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Tattapani is a small village near Shimla. Nestled on the bank of the Satluj River, located at a distance of about 51 km from Shimla. This place is popular for its hot water springs. 
Being one of the truly soothing activity, it is also one of the unique activities which one must indulge in while visiting Tattapani, Shimla. Boating experience at Tattapani takes traveler closer to nature and its tranquillity, giving solace to the heart and the mind. Enjoy the ripples on the water while your boat passes, and experience the best of a panoramic view of nature while doing the activity. Types of Boat: You can either choose for Paddle Boating or Motor Boating

Jet Ski Boat in Tattapani it will Cost You 1000/-Rs Per Person

Location: Tattapani, Shimla
Duration: 15 Minutes
Available timings of the activity: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Jet Ski is one of the unique activity which you must indulge in while visiting Shimla. Being one of the amazing water sport activities in Shimla, your adventure through Jet Ski Ride at Tattapani will take you close to a perfect adventure mode and its tranquillity in such water activities. Spend a day amidst the natural beauty of the ocean as you engage in Jet Ski Experience.

Paragliding in Shimla it will Cost You 2850/-Rs Per Person 

About Paragliding

Paragliding in Shimla takes place at Waknaghat on the Chandigarh-Shimla national highway at a distance of about 20 km before Shimla. Since the paragliding spot is located on the way to Shimla, it is normally a good option to stop at Waknaghat for a scintillating paragliding experience. Otherwise, you can always come to Waknaghat from Shimla for paragliding and reach your hotel back at Shimla in the evening after a thrilling outing.The paragliding spot in Shimla is located near the Waknaghat market on the Chandigarh-Shimla national highway. Reaching the spot is absolutely easy because it is located on the main highway. Ample parking space is available at Waknaghat which makes the overall experience very comfortable. There is a booking counter on the road side quite close to the gate of Bahra University. After booking a slot, you will be taken to the actual paragliding spot which is hardly 5-minute walk away on the road that leads to Jaypee University.

The Overall Experience

After taking off, you would actually be flying higher than the level of Chandigarh-Shimla highway. The view of the mountains and the vehicles moving on the highway is majestic. Jaypee University of Information Technology is quite close to the spot and its aerial way is marvelous. The flight ends at the Wakna village from where free cab facility is available for coming back to the Waknaghat market. One can also come back to the road-level on foot for another adventurous activity. It shall not take more than 45 minutes.

We encourage you to go for paragliding in Shimla on your next visit to Shimla. It is an amazing experience and will surely give you the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. For paragliding in Shimla booking, simply fill up the enquiry form on this page. Our team will get back to you with all the details instantly.

However, it is important to note that we ourselves do not run any agency carrying out paragliding or any other adventure sport activities. We simply connect the consumers with the service providers. Please confirm about their licensing, legality and other important factors before engaging in any adventure sport activity. This website is only an informational website providing information about Shimla and the activities that go on in and around Shimla. It shall not be held responsible for any breach of law done by the original service providers of such activities.


2 Hours 30 Minutes Available on request
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Life Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Paddle
  • Professional Guide
  • one side Transportation (from ending point)
What makes this tour special

Safety and Security Conditions Apply.!!

Kids weight should be at least 35 Kg and age at least 14 years Old 
Adults weight should not cross more than 90 kg
Don't insist our professionals if they refuse to conduct rafting due to safety and security reasons
You need to carry Towels and extra pair of clothes while Coming for river rafting
Changing rooms are available for male and female
You are not allowed to jump in river while in raft
If you don't know how to swim still you can go for rafting
If you have not experienced River Rafting earlier Please Select the minimum distance available with us
Raft goes on sharing if you are not comfortable you may book whole raft for your family by paying the full amount of the raft.

Note : 

We recommend to book River Rafting or any other adventure activity only through Professionals to avoid accidents. Due to Unprofessional Service Providers in market, Recently, many serious incident has happened. 

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